Cornerstone of the Pub Series Delivers Wacky Weather

Weird Science at Doyle’s


It’s tough to be a meteorologist in New England, but the
schizophrenic weather at Doyle’s over the years is somewhat baffling.


You’ve got a forecast for clear skies and sun, then an hour
before the race and partway through the race it rains. Particularly miserable
when you’ve got to trek to Franklin Park for the start.


But then the sun comes out and it’s beautiful for the rest
of the day. Yee-hah. Great to see familiar faces for the first time since last
fall. Many of the divisions have top 1-2 representation.


After tying for Pub Supremacy in 2011 and placing 2nd in
2013, this could be TJ Unger’s year. HFC’s TJ decisioned GBTC’s Adrian McDonald
by 10 seconds to win in 25:47. The pair ran against each other in high school
and college (where? we’re saving that for the mag). In third however in a
strong showing was 2012 champ Lee Danforth of HFC. In 4th, last year’s top
Master, Greg Picklesimer of SRR.


Former Sacred Heart track studette Alyssa Selmquist, 22, of
Northford, CT was too much for 2012 Pub Queen Lyndsay Willard. Selmquist ran
6-flat for the win in 30:02 with Willard 2nd in 30:47.


NER pre-Series “dark horse” selections Amanda Watters and
Sarah Phillips went 3-4 just 5-seconds apart but Watters is now our
“Thoroughbred” selection after Phillips revealed she’ll be in China for race
No. 2 and Willard will be running on a Harpoon relay team the same day as Evans


OK, we’ll cut this short as we’re on deadline with the
Boston Marathon looming, but a few changes and notices: we’ve expanded men’s
70-79 scoring to the top 8 as it looks like this division will once  again be tougher than the Veterans
division, plus we’re pleased to introduce an 80+ division where Larry Cole is
currently the lone occupant.


Check out the Manifesto (on our homepage for the duration of
the Series) for the schedule, standings after each race, etc.


Hey, welcome back or welcome aboard ‰ÛÓ we’ll see you at the
Evans Run 5K on May 18, and at McGreal’s Tavern post-race. Men’s Standings   Women’s Standings

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