Fender Bender Frenzy in Gritty Lowell

We thought there might be a fender bender or car/compromised
runner incident in the offing when checking out the cones a few feet from the
curb on the East End Club 5M race route but, no problem, when the wave
of runners arrived you couldn’t even see the cones and everyone emerged
unscathed (although bruised from a succession of hills). (Start Photo by MickFoto/NERunner)


RD Dave Camire
brought this timeless urban classic back from the dead three years ago after it
had lied fallow for four years following a run of 26 years. “I wanted to at
least keep it on life support the first few years,” said Camire, noting that
the Pub Series breathed new life into the event with 502 entrants this year
compared with 228 in 2013.


So pat yourselves on the back!


Current pubsters were denied the top podium step in this
gritty stop along the malt and hops highway. Former Merrimac College runner
Jefferson Welch got away on the 2nd mile hill and arrived at the finish in
26:07, followed in quick succession by top pubsters TJ Unger (26:24), Lee Danforth
(26:30) and Greg Picklesimer (26:32).


Former Pub Queen Mimi
, at the ultra advanced age of 49, still has what it takes, winning
handily in 30:58 after being challenged in the first mile (6:09) by Greater
Lowell heroine Trish Bourne,
sporting‰ÛÓfor the 1st time ever‰ÛÓa Team Fabulous “In It For the Beer” singlet.


Trish (at the even more ultra advanced age of 50) would end
up 4th however, prompting reining Pub Senior Siren Marge Bellisle to proclaim, “I got slaughtered by a Senior.” Second
went to Holly Madden look alike Liz Whiting, 31, of Manchester, NH, in
31:39. “I actually sprinted for the finish because someone yelled, “Go Holly!”
and I thought someone was right behind me,” revealed the recent Michigan
transplant. (Photo right: the real Holly Madden, photo by MickFoto/NERunner)


Pub Series women’s leader Amanda Watters picked up a few more points in her battle with Team
Fabulous superstar Candice Gagnon
with a 3rd place 32:22 showing. Trish arrived next in 32:32 with Candice on her
heels in 32:37. The real Holly Madden
followed Candice in 32:54.


There were a few placement jumps here and there but nothing
too major. Ocean Stater Jackie Jackman
missed the fray but was only passed by Marge and Holly M. (who’d previously
been rendered hors de combat by a stomach virus at the Corrib).


In semi-Big News, Greater Framingham RCer Mary Tyler passed All-World candidate Jan Holmquist for 3rd among female
Vets. Of course, the tres remarkable Ms. Holmquist turned 70 a few races back
and now rules that division while commanding a top-10 position in the Overall
results. Jan ran 38:06 (7:38 pace) to once again put a whippin’ on the men’s
70-79 division.


We’ll stop mentioning that regular occurrence when one of
the guys from that division slips us a few sawbucks. Hey, wait a minute, NH’s Denny LeBlanc did proffer us a Smuttynose
Brown Ale. OK, that’s good enough.


Congrats to resident Pub Octogenarian Larry Cole of Harwich, 80, who took his division with a clubbing of
Chelmsford’s George Leslie, 82.


Nice touch to award a pair of “Pleasure Chests” in memory of
Irish Tom Hurley. When the free beer
ran out the Club would have helped its coffers by announcing that you could by
beer inside for $2.00 and bring it out back. Doyle’s caught on to this
relatively early in its history and now fetches $5 for a Coors Light in their
parking lot (2 for $10). The east Enders will catch on.
(Photo right: All World Jan Holmquist. photo by MickFoto/NERunner)


In the interim, we wish everyone a great summer and look
forward to reconvening in Oct. at Bernie’s Run. Men’s Standings  Women’s Standings

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