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Mile is just relatable. Everyone there understood the simplicity and
symmetry of 4 laps in under 60 seconds per lap. Everyone there knew when
I hit the bell in 3:02 that it was going to be close, and it got them
excited.” – Jake Edwards, Miler and organizer of a sub-4 Mile attempt during football game’s half-time at his alma mater

Mile wire #20-09-14

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. ‰ÛÒ The Mile wire is a regular update on the best stories, exclusive interviews and everything Mile-related.

Jake Edwards: The Relatability of the Mile

By Jake Edwards for Bring Back the Mile
Jake Edwards, a 3:58.09 Miler and recent graduate of Ohio State
University, organized a sub-4 minute Mile attempt at his Delaware High
School alma mater on Friday, August 22, 2014 during halftime of a
football scrimmage. Below is Jake‰Ûªs story as to the ‰ÛÏwhy‰Û and the
importance of the Mile for the American public.


All Hope is Gone #2: Brandon Hudgins‰Ûª Story

By Brandon Hudgins for Bring Back the Mile
“Living the life of a sub-elite distance runner takes a stubborn and
motivated individual.” Brandon Hudgins’ second article for BBTM, which
focuses on the life of a “sub-elite” runner.


Wonderful, Magical, Magnificent Mile!

By Teri Saylor, Running Journal
Other Mile races will increase awareness and participation overall…as the old saying goes ‰ÛÒ ‰ÛÏA rising tide lifts all boats.‰Û

Finding Life, Death and the Afterlife in the Mile Run: The Greatest Teacher in Life

By Michael E. Tymn, The Journal of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies
‰ÛÏNo words could be invented for such supreme happiness, eclipsing
all other feelings,‰Û Bannister wrote, adding that he felt bewildered and
overpowered after becoming the first man to break 4 minutes in the


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