Pub Series Spoiler Alert – Spinney Back in Stride

Proof positive that you can’t keep a good man down forever
is the reemergence of Whirlaway strongman Chris Spinney into the Pub Series


Better late than never is the motto here as NER had
mistakenly written off the Pub Series point gathering acumen of Spinney during
his extensive rehab from his most current rash of injuries.


Sure, Chris would show‰ÛÓhe was in the racket for a jacket and
the quest for a vest as he participated in the first four Pub Series races this
year‰ÛÓbut it was at the 5th race, Bernie’s Run, that he broke through at
6-minute pace and should have collected 28 points.


Chris never got the points when the standings were
updated‰ÛÓbut he has now‰ÛÓwith apologies from NER World HQ in S. Weymouth, MA.


When we heard that Chris’s wife had purchased him a “Gut Be
Gone” and that he was polishing off 10 lbs. of wings at a time in the confines
of the Asgard restaurant in Cambridge, MA, our real concern was whether we
could order a single Triple XL Pub Series jacket for him.


Perish the thought as our hero is now in fighting trim.
There’s a touch of irony to the photo of Chris and Whirlaway teammate Ken
Warren duking it out at the finish of Paddy’s last year. Chris ran 18:37 at
Bernie’s and 7-seconds ahead of him was crafty Ken Warren.


Will there be a repeat at  Paddy’s ? Will Bill Riley suffer another face
plant at the finish? Fasten your seat belts, these are just a few of the
fascinating sub plots to this Sunday’s Showdown.


NER will have a tent just across and slightly up from
Paddy’s. If you haven’t given Michelle your Pub Series jacket size (if this is
your 6th Pub Series race) write it down, hand it over on race day ‰ÛÓ time is
running out on that order!


Also, for those leading a division in the standings, yours
truly will have your Pub Series maillot jeune leader’s jersey at the tent. Pick
it up, put it on, run for your life!


Weather is looking a bit chilly but dry ‰ÛÓ perfect racing
weather. See you there!

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