NY’s Stockade-athon 15K Elite Entries

Photo of Hannah Davidson by Patrick Hendrick
2014 Stockade-athon Elites  (45) 39th
Annual- Nov 9th, 2014



Men (22) Open Women   


BIB 1- Christian Thompson (PA)                         BIB 30-Megan Hogan

BIB 2- Eliud Ngetich (Kenya)                             BIB 31-Maegan Krifchin

BIB 3-Sam Morse                                                BIB 32-Hannah

BIB 4-Patrick Geoghegan                                    BIB 33-Nicole Blood

BIB 5-Jamie Julia                                                BIB 34-Katie
O’Regan (PA}

BIB 6- Andrew Foxenberg                                  BIB 35-Alexandra Varenka (NH}

BIB 7-Josh McDougal                                         BIB 36- Sara

BIB 8-Alex Paley                                                  BIB 37 -Mesha Brewer              

BIB 9- Macky Lloyd BIB 38

BIB 10-Lou Serafini 
(MA) BIB 39

BIB 11-Kieran O’Conner (VA}

BIB 12- Eric MacKnight

BIB 13- Joe Whelan

BIB 14- Mike Roda

BIB 15- Aaron Lozier

BIB 16-Alex Benway

BIB 17-Tom O’Grady

BIB 18-Patrick Carroll

BIB 19-John Busque (NH}

BIB 20- Kevin Treadway

BIB 21 Nick Webster

BIB 22 Shaun Donegan


Men (6) Masters


BIB 23-Bob Irwin                                  BIB 40-Lori
Kingsley 48 (PA}

BIB 24-Joseph Ekoum                          BIB 41-Renee Tolan 40

BIB 25-James O’Conner 

BIB 26-Kent Lemme (MA} 

BIB 27-Jason Porter (NH}

BIB 28-John Stadtlander

BIB 29

Men (5) 50+ AG Women


BIB 44-Bill Borla 74 (CT}                        BIB 49-Linda
Jennings 62 {MA}

BIB 45-Tim Haley 65                                BIB 50-Beth
Stalker 53

BIB 46-Jim Zoldy 52 (CT}

BIB 47-Derrick Staley 55

BIB 48-John Noonan 55


Open Men’s Field Summary


At the 2013 Stockade-athon 10 men posted sub 49 minute 15K
times, the most since 1988 25 years ago. This year, 7 of those men are
returning, all trying to win their first Stockade-athon Championship.


The top 10 returnee’s are:


BIB 3 ‰ÛÓ Sam Morse ‰ÛÓ awarded 2013 New York Runner of the Year
by NE Runner as a result of posting three 1:07 minute half marathons and
setting a 15K personal best at the Stockade-athon 47:36.


BIB 4- Patrick Geoghegan ‰ÛÓ Made his Stockade-athon debut
last year placing 4th in 48:08. At the BAA Half this fall he ran
1:06:56.  A major player


BIB 5- Jamie Julia ‰ÛÓ Local talent ran perhaps his finest
race last year at the Stockade-athon to make the podium in 48:22. Looking for
an encore performance.


BIB 6 ‰ÛÓ Andrew Foxenberg ‰ÛÓ ran 1:05 at the USA Half Marathon
championships two years back. Foxenberg recently finished 2nd at the
Melanie O’Donnell Half posting up in 1:10:01. 


BIB 8- Alex Paley ‰ÛÓ 2013 USATF ADIR Grand Prix champion posted
a personal best 48:37 last year at the Stockade-athon.


BIB 9- Macky Lloyd ‰ÛÓ 2-time Troy Turkey Trot 5K champion
made his Stockade-athon debut last year posting a 48:40.


BIB 10- Lou Serafina (MA)‰ÛÓ Boston resident with local
connections also made his 15K debut last year posting a 48:57.  Bested a talented field at the Delmar
Dash 5M this year in 24:30 and more recently ran a 1:07:30 Half Marathon.  May better this rating.


New Shooters:


BIB 1-Christian Thompson (PA) ‰ÛÓ 2012 Stockade-athon Champion
returns to Schenectady where 2 years ago he bested C Fred Joslyn and Sam Morse
to win the Title in 47:01.


BIB 2 ‰ÛÓ Eliud Ngetich ‰ÛÓ 20 year old Kenyan, currently
residing in New York City recently ran a midtown 10K in 29:36 to place 4th.
Heading upstate looking for a competitive field on a free weekend. Likely will
find it.


BIB 7- Josh McDougal ‰ÛÓ Liberty College All-American had an
iconic collegiate career winning the NCAA Cross Country Title before injury
ended his senior year. Fast forward 7 years and this Peru NY native has
returned home and resumed competitive running by winning the Hannaford Half
Marathon in Albany in 1:07.43.


BIB 11- Kieran O’Conner (VA)- Finished second at the 2011
Stockade-athon. Now lives in Virginia but returns home often. Posted a 1:07:59
at the Hannaford Half Marathon 4 weeks ago to finish a close second to


BIB 12 ‰ÛÓ Eric MacKnight ‰ÛÓ Made the podium with a 2:22 at the
2013 Hartford Marathon.  Won the
Melanie O’Donnell Half for the second consecutive year posting up in


BIB 13- Joe Whelan- New Stotan athlete ran 1:09:50 at the
CNY Bread Run Half Marathon. 
Expect a forward move at the Stockade-athon.


BIB 14- Mike Roda ‰ÛÓ Top local marathoner recently parlayed
front running tactics to finish 5th at the MHR Marathon in 2:31:55.


BIB 15- Aaron Lozier ‰ÛÓ Won the USATF ADIR 5K championships
at the hilly FAM FUND 5K this September in 15:35. .  Coming into this race in fine form.


BIB 16- Alex Benway ‰ÛÓ Queensbury HS / Clarkson Grad ‰ÛÓ posted
a 52:03 at the 2013 Cherry Blossom 10M.


BIB 17 ‰ÛÓ Tom O’Grady ‰ÛÓ posted personal bests at the Boston
Marathon 2:28:39 and this fall at the Hannaford Half Marathon 1:10:27.


BIB 18 ‰ÛÓ Pat Carroll ‰ÛÓ Ran a 1:09:14 at the NYC Half this
past March.


BIB 19- John Busque- New England runner ran 1:10:02 at the
2014 Hartford Half


BIB 20- Kevin Treadway ‰ÛÓ won the Albany Workforce Challenge
3.5 race this year in a swift 17:09.


BIB 21 ‰ÛÓ Nick Webster ‰ÛÓ Posted a 51:08 at the 2013


BIB 22- Shaun Donegan ‰ÛÓ Posted a 51:22- at the 2013



Open Women’s Field Summary


11 women ran sub 60 minutes in 1988‰Û¢.establishing a record
that has been threatened the past several years as 9 or 10 women have recently bested
that traditional mark of excellence. 
Last year Sara Dunham made the final podium spot with the fastest 5th
place time in race history ‰ÛÓ 55:44. 
This years women’s field is expected to require a similar fast
performance to make the podium and the 1988 Sub 60 record will once again be



Top 5 Returnee’s:


BIB 32 – Hannah
Davidson returns to defend her Stockade-athon Championship. By all accounts she
is in top form and looking to better her winning time of 54:12 last year.


BIB 34- Katie O’Regan (PA) finished a close 3rd
last year in a personal best 54:29; a prolific racer.


BIB 35 ‰ÛÓ Alexandra (Sasha) Verenka finished 4th
last year in 55:40. Looking for a quick recovery as she ran a personal best
marathon at Chicago 4 weeks ago, just missing the Olympic Standard 2:43:19.


BIB 36- Sara Dunham captured the final podium spot (5th)
last year with a personal best 55:44 just 90 seconds behind Champion Davidson.


New Shooters:


BIB 30 ‰ÛÓ Megan Hogan ‰ÛÓ successfully defended her Hartford
Marathon Half in October lowering her personal best to an impressive 1:12:11.
The Stockade-athon women’s event record of 51:34 established in 1994 by Lori Hewig
‰Û¢may be in jeopardy.


BIB 31- Maegan Krifchin ‰ÛÓ the 2012 Stockade-athon Champion
returns as a major player. Her 2012 winning time of 51:59 ranks second all-time
at this classic 15K. Krifchin rejoined the Stotan program this year and has
been training hard to regain her top form.


BIB 33- Nicole Blood ‰ÛÓ An All-American for 3 years at
Saratoga HS, she built on her resume with impressive collegiate performances
with the Oregon Ducks. She won the Troy Turkey Trot 10K last November and has
returned to her hometown.  Her
fitness level is the wildcard in this impressive women’s field.


BIB 34- Mesha Brewer ‰ÛÓ A successful 5K specialist the past
several years, Brewer makes her debut at the 15K distance.  Pace will make her race.


Masters Summary:


Irwin ‰ÛÓ finished second at the Stockade-athon as an open runner,in 2005 and is
having a stellar season. Finished 7th at the Hannaford Half in 1:13:49


BIB 24 ‰ÛÓ Joseph Ekoum ‰ÛÓ Made the podium at last years
Stockade-athon and recently was the first master at the BAA Half Marathon.in
1:12:54. Posted a 52:17 at the Utica Boilermaker.


BIB 25- James O’Conner ‰ÛÓ Posted a 53:17 at the Utica
Boilermaker and won the USATF ADR Masters Championship 10K at Bill Robinson
this year.


BIB 26- Kent Lemme – 
New England masters mainstay ‰ÛÓ posted a 51:57 at the Stockade-athon last
year at age 47.


BIB 27- Jason Porter ‰ÛÓran 34:38 at the James Joyce USATF
Masters 10K this spring.


BIB 28- John Stadtlander ‰ÛÓ prolific racer and top local
masters runner, among the leaders in the USATF ADIR Masters Grand Prix.


BIB 40- Lori Kingsley 48 ‰ÛÓ Stockade-athon Masters event
record holder 56:10 (2010). Ran 58:11 last year at age 47.


BIB 41- Renee Tolan 40- New to the masters ranks, turned 40
this month.  Having a fine season
posting a career best at the Hannaford Half Marathon to finish 2nd
in 82:36.


BIB 46- Jim Zoldy 52 posted a 55:34 at the Stockade-athon in


BIB 47- Derrick Staley 55- Nationally ranked for his
age-group, Staley is capable of world class (90%) Age-graded performances at
distances from 1M to the Half Marathon.


BIB 48- John Noonan 55 ‰ÛÓ A Stockade-athon mainstay for two
decades‰Û¢.posted at 56:47 at the 2013 race.


BIB 44- Bill Borla 74 ‰ÛÓ 2008 Stockade-athon Age-Graded
Champion. In 2003 his 56:10 15K at age 63 received a 93%+ Age-graded score.,
one of 6 world class performances by the legendary CT Runner at this


BIB 45- Tim Haley 65- Another Stockade-athon mainstay who
had the top Age-graded men’s score in 2012. In 2013 he missed running sub 60
minutes by 12 seconds.


BIB 49- Linda Jennings 62- The 2012 Stockade-athon
Age-graded champion posting a 66:14 at age 60 for a world class 90% ranking.


BIB 50- Beth Stalker 53- exceptional local athlete who
participated in the world triathlon championships in London last year and holds
50+ records at both the Running of the Green 4M and the Bill Robinson 10K.








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