Swirling Controversy Engulfs Pub Series Women’s Division

First, defending Pub Series women’s Senior titlist (5th Overall
in the 2014 standings) Marge Bellisle
emerges from her Warren, RI abode in the early hours of race day and is aghast
to find her tires have been slashed.


An Ras Mor Senior titlist Claire McManus notes this is a shame but then departs the country
to return a day before Doyle’s when the whole l’affaire slash & burn will
have blown over. Coincidence?


We thought so but the women’s side of the Pub Series ledger
is indeed taking a dark turn with the acknowledgement of SRR race management
that the 4th place female was an imposter.


Pictured in our original write-up and identified as Pradnaya
Sabnis, it’s not, it’s SRR teammate Emma Kosciak running with Pradnaya’s bib
number. Tsk-tsk!


Subsequently, since Sabnis didn’t run and Kosciak didn’t
enter, we’ve vacated the 4th position and moved everyone up a spot starting
with co-defending women’s champion Candace


 Revised Women’s Standings

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