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Mile wire #15-08-15

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. ‰ÛÒ The Mile wire is a regular update on the best stories, exclusive interviews and everything Mile-related.

The Milers: Rachel Schneider

By Bring Back the Mile
Rising star, a NACAC gold medalist, Georgetown alumna and inaugural
Boxcar Mile champion, enters Michigan Mile in Flint, MI as an event

Brandon Hudgins Overcomes Rare Disease to Break 4:00 Mile

By Alison Wade, Runner’s World
After three bouts of an autoimmune disease in eight years, Brandon Hudgins runs a 3:59.67 Mile at the Sir Walter Miler.

The Lauren Johnson Story: From Over 2:20 for 800 in HS to the U.S. World Championships 1500 Team

By Jonathan Gault,
‰ÛÏYou wouldn‰Ûªt necessarily put a Lauren Johnson into the top echelon
of the American middle distance crew,‰Û Rowland said. ‰ÛÏShe took her
opportunity‰Û_. that‰Ûªs the beauty of our sport. That‰Ûªs what make us tick
and keeps us going.”

Joe Falcon reflects on Dream Mile victory 25 years ago

By Jeff Benjamin,
“I remember as a kid watching the Dream Mile on television and, to
me, outside of the Olympic Games and World Championships, the Dream Mile
was the Super Bowl of all Mile races.”

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