Rumble at Bernie’s

You can’t deny Bernie’s didn’t get off with a bang, and
luckily it wasn’t from Hurricane Joaquin. First off, our very own Michelle LeBrun piledrives a girl to
the asphalt in the first 800m. Granted, rules of the road state that you don’t
come to a complete stop in front of people running‰ÛÓand that’s what our
unfortunate waif did. Michelle also took a digger.


Just up the road, top septuagenarian Dave Pember, 72‰ÛÓtied for 1st M70 in the Pub Series‰ÛÓis also feeling
the kiss of the macadam after a bozo sees his wife on the sidelines with a
camera and clips Dave’s back leg in a rush to get over for a mug shot.
and CSU’s Liz Bugbee (nee Utz, 7th in Series).


Village Manor Poet Laureate Pat Sweeney reports that his wife went down near the finish after
hitting a pothole and your humble reporter was witness to a calamitous
collision on the downhill right by the Village Manor.


Some kids were huddled by the building midway down the hill
and decided they’d run to the crowd behind the caution tape across the way. Of
course they picked the exact time a teenage girl (Dedham HS?) was flying to the


One of the kids went arse over teakettle and watching the
runner slide across the asphalt you wished the Red Sox had as much drive.


So a quick query by NER: “Where’s the parental
supervision!?” is answered by the only woman standing in the area who responds,
“They ain’t my kids!”


What are we in Southie?


Maybe we are because there’s Ally Mazlowski pushing her twins in a double stroller with flat
tires, and Chris Spinney walking the
course in oversized shorts, and Paul
doing a one-legged push on a scooter ‰ÛÓ but hey, at least Hammond
had a horn and didn’t run anyone down.
(Scooter Boy!)


OK, all good, clean fun and yes, there was a race, won
decisively by Pub leaders TJ Unger
in 15:16 and Ginger Reiner in 17:58.
TJ now leads SRR’s Greg Picklesimer
(3rd, 15:59) by 3-points with HFC teammate Lee
(2nd, 15:48) in 3rd.


The BAA’s Amanda
had a very strong race for 2nd in 18:31 ‰ÛÓ 11 seconds ahead of 3rd placer
Holly Madden who now moves into the
2nd slot behind Reiner with Team Fabulous ace Candice Gagnon settling into 3rd.


The most significant movement came in the men’s Senior
division where one-legged runners Hammond (surgery) and Jimmy Fallon (hamstring) went
pointless. This put CSU’s Jon Waldron
in a tie for 2nd with Fallon and dropped Hammond to 4th. Joe Noonan also leads NH’s Denny
by 1-point (M70) with Pember dropping to 3rd.


Windy conditions notwithstanding, it was a fun time both inside and out at the Village Manor


Next up, Paddy’s Shillelagh Shuffle 3M‰ÛÓflat, fast and
certified‰ÛÓfor the Pub Series Grand Finale on Oct. 18.


(Bernie’s Run RD Dan Hart (R) misses the ‘action’ as Kate Mazlowski and Chris Spinney “Walk this Way!)
 Get your jacket size to Michelle if you haven’t already (and
Paddy’s will be your 6th race)




If you’re leading a division, drop by the NER tent on the
day of Paddy’s and pick up your maillot jeune (leader’s jersey). See you in
West Newton! –

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