Flash quotes from the Trials

Shalane Flanagan

was the hardest marathon I‰Ûªve probably run in terms of the last 6 miles
being the hardest. I just got done getting an IV. Never had one of
those before. Clearly it took its toll on me today and I had to fight
to just make the team. I can‰Ûªt only say it was just the heat, but I
think I need to work on better fluid for the heat and conditions. I‰Ûªll
have to work on that for Rio for sure.‰Û

Galen Rupp, first place men‰Ûªs finisher

excited with the way it went. Tremendous honor to represent the United
States. It‰Ûªs the greatest honor on earth. I‰Ûªm so happy to be able to
make my debut here and to be able to win was unbelievable. I‰Ûªm so
honored to be going to the Olympics.


was good. It was a flat course. Heat was the biggest thing and I was
struggling the last little bit, everyone was. I was just trying to make
sure I drank a lot coming in, that was big for me. Staying hydrated was


Meb Keflezighi, second place men‰Ûªs finisher

an honor to represent the United States. Making my fourth Olympic team,
I couldn‰Ûªt have done it without my family. I was cramping a bit early
in the race but felt better a little after halfway.‰Û


welcome to the marathon. Running with him, hopefully we gave the crowd
some excitement. He gave a great effort and was great at the end. I‰Ûªd
like to congratulate him. I‰Ûªm his teammate going to Rio. He‰Ûªs my
marathon teammate now.‰Û


Jared Ward, third place men‰Ûªs finisher

was hot and hard, that‰Ûªs it. When Tyler made that move, and Meb and
Rupp went with him, I thought that‰Ûªs a hard move. If they can make it,
I‰Ûªm not going to catch them. So I went as fast as I could and I ran
4:50 that mile, and I‰Ûªm sure that was my fastest mile. It was just hang
on and I saw Tyler coming back and when I caught him, that was an
adrenaline rush. 800m to go was the hardest thing of my life. With 600m
to go, I started singing that song and changing the words. I said, ‰Û÷do
it for your momma, do it for your wife, do it for your kids and do it
for your life.‰Ûª It was just enough and that was the end of it.‰Û


Amy Hastings, first place women‰Ûªs finisher

‰ÛÏDes was coming up on us and I knew I had to go for it.‰Û


‰ÛÏThis has been my dream for so long. Representing the United States in any event is something so incredibly special.‰Û


Desiree Linden, second place women‰Ûªs finisher

was absolutely a war of attrition. Amy was so impressive and Shalane is
tough as nails. Late in the race, I didn‰Ûªt even know if I was going to
be on the team. I was cramping hard but you fight for every step.‰Û


Shalane Flanagan, third place women‰Ûªs finisher

is the epitome of what a best friend is…She was instrumental. There
was a point in the race where I thought I would drop out. Sweet baby
Jesus, I’m so thankful for her.‰Û

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