39th Faxon Law New Haven 20K by the Numbers

Faxon Law New Haven Road Race Numbers
50,000                  Cups of water served at race.
41,850                  Prize purse awarded to top 20K finishers.
15,000                  Cups of UCAN Electrolyte Hydration Drink served on race courses.
13,000                  Feet expected on the starting line for all events.
10,000                  Money won by first male and female 20K finishers.
10,000                  Spectators on the New Haven Green.
9,000                    Race t-shirts.
7,000                    Turkey Hill Ice Cream servings after the race.
7,000                    Turkey Hill Iced Tea servings after the race.
6,300                    Expected participants.
6,270                    Cups of Harpoon Brewery beer served after the race.
5,000                    Bars of Yasso Frozen Yogurt served after the race.
3,800                    Bags of Deep River Snack chips served after the race.
3,500                    Loaves of Chabaso Bread served after the race.
2,500                    Apples served after the race.
2,500                    Hot dogs served after the race by Park New Haven.
2,500                    Bananas served after the race.
2,500                    Dunkin Munchkins served.
2,000                    Cups of UCAN Carbohydrate Fuel served.
1,800                    GU Energy Gel packs served on the ½ marathon & 20K race courses.
1,500                    # of runners expected to compete in this year‰Ûªs inaugural ½ marathon.
1,470                    Gallons of Crystal Rock water served after the race.
1,000                    Volunteers working at the race.
800                       Out of state runners.
380                       Gallons of Farmer‰Ûªs cow chocolate milk served after the race.
200                       Minimum weight to compete as a male in the Clydesdale division.
200                       # of runners expected to compete in this year‰Ûªs inaugural ½ marathon relay.
150                       Minimum weight to compete as a female in the Clydesdale division.
100                       Portable toilets on the New Haven Green on raceday
91                          Years of age of oldest male participant (Herman Bershtein).
90                          Years of age of oldest female participant (Betty Holroyd).
50.5                      % male participants (25 years ago race field was 70% male).
49.5                      % female participants.
43                          Event sponsors.
42                          Members of the New Haven Road Race Board of Directors.
40                          Organizations annually receiving contributions from the event.
40                          States participants come from.
39                          Years race has been in existence.
39                          Years current VP Jim Staniewicz has served on the Board of Directors.
28                          Years John Bysiewicz has served as Race Director.
24                          Years served as 20K National Championship (longest running U.S. National Championship).
21                          Digital clocks on the race courses.
18                          Bands on the race courses.
18                          Years John Courtmanche has served as Board of Directors President.
13.1                      Number of miles in the inaugural half marathon.
12.4                      Miles in the 20K race course.
12                          Runners who have competed in every New Haven 20K.
11                          Water stations on the race courses.
10                          School teams volunteering at event.
11                          Years Faxon Law Group (or Stratton Faxon) has been the event‰Ûªs Title Sponsor.
4                            Inflatables for children on the New Haven Green.
3.1                        Miles in the 5K race course.
3                            Past Faxon Law New Haven 20K winners competing ‰ÛÒ Girma Mecheso, Meghan Peyton, Renee Metevier-Baillie.
3                            Countries participants come from.
2                            5K Starts
1                            Amount of years the half marathon has been part of the New Haven Road Race.
1                            Band at the New Haven Green.
½                           Mile in the Kids Fun Run.
0                            Cost for New Haven children to enter the First Niagara Bank Kids Fun Run.

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