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New Zealand‰Ûªs Anne Hannam (R) leading the 1988 Tufts Health Plan 10K For Women.
Directly behind her is Lynn Jennings and to Jennings left is 1984 Boston
Marathon winner Lorraine Moller, also of New Zealand. On this day, Hannam would
set the Tufts course record of 31:38 that stood for 25 years. Her other New
England title was achieved at Falmouth. These were but two stars in a
summer/fall constellation that included nine races from Alaska to the Bay
She won all nine races and set seven records. Hannam had a weird
swayback running form and when she returned to the US in Feb. of 1989 and
suffered a pelvic stress fracture, the cognoscenti at NER whispered, ‰ÛÏA-ha,
that was bound to happen‰Û‰Û_but it was much darker than that. In 1988, the
5-foot-four school teacher weighed 96 lbs. Hannam was anorexic. She ate lightly
and logged 120 miles a week.
She hit rock bottom when she started cutting back
on water. The pelvic problem was the first of 10 fractures suffered over the
next several years. Hannam eventually got herself healthy and in her native New
Zealand ran a 34-minute 10K in 1996. She also broke a bone in her foot. Hannam
rode a brief and brilliant trajectory‰Û_and in the next breath she was gone.

Photo by Jeff Johnson


Cub reporter Tom Derderian interviewing Falmouth Road Race winner Anne Hannam
after the Aug. 21, 1988 race. Now this is truly archival!

Photo by Lou Lainey


This photo was taken 29 years ago on August 1, 1987. Pictured is long-time
North Kingstown, RI runner Kevin O‰ÛªNeill at age 17. The race is the now defunct
Fort Adams 7-Miler held out of Newport, RI‰Ûªs Fort Adams State Park. O‰ÛªNeill has
gotten better with age and has continued his longevity to the present day.
Winner of the 2005 Cape Cod Marathon and 2009 Amica Breakers Marathon (RI)
Kevin is still winning races outright at age 46. At age 40 Kevin set the New
England‰Ûªs Finest 40+ record of 2:32:19 at the Hartford Marathon. Four years
later he set the NEF 40+ half marathon record of 1:14:13 and ran 1:14:25 last

Photo by Radiant Photography

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