2017 NER Pub Series XX Manifesto & Schedule

(After the all important treatise below, the schedule follows.)
All-Important Rules of Engagement:

Welcome Publicans! Anyone and everyone is encouraged
to participate in the Pub Series. For those wishing to be scored, to be
eligible for $ and other swag at the Series’ end party at Doyle’s
(guaranteed entry to those who have completed all the races or are receiving
awards) as well as the New Balance Pub Series jacket for doing all six
Series’ races (or New Balance running shoes for just doing five; no, you
don’t get a jacket and shoes for doing six) you
need to be a paid
subscriber to NER so click here no later than May 1 (date of our 2nd Pub Series race).
If you’re married or living in sin, one per household will do (just let us know). To be scored you need to
participate in five of the six races; hence, “Five to Stay Alive.” “Miss one,
have your fun; Miss two, you’re through.”

Also, if your name is misspelled or missing from the list we
post on our website of participant’s attendance at races (along with a
write-up on the website, usually 1-2 days post event), Michelle has that thankless task so let
her know asap (as opposed to the end
of the Series) at Mick. Yours truly (Fitz) has the thankless task of
scoring the races, so if there’s a point discrepancy, likewise, let me know asap at

the homepage of this website you can sign up for our free bi-weekly
crucial to staying up to date with Pub Series news. Don’t be
one of those people who emails us at the end of the Series asking why
we didn’t email you for a jacket size before the deadline: No. 1, we
don’t have your email; No. 2, the info was in the e-newsletter.

Beginning in 2011, Boston-based
athletic sportswear giant New Balance signed on as the the multi-year sponsor of the NER Pub Series, and we’re damn glad to have them!


Gender specific New Balance Pub Series jackets will be awarded to
everyone who runs six of six races. For those who complete five of six races
there’s a pair of New Balance running shoes in the offing.



End of Series swag: Along with a new pair of New Balance running shoes to
the top 5 Open men & women, as well as age-group overall winners, the end
of series cash payouts for the top five men & women this year are: 1st, $200 – 2nd, $150 – 3rd, $125 – 4th,
$100 – 5th, $75.
Divisional winners from Masters through 70+ also win a new
pair of New Balance running shoes and $50, with merchandise going to places


Jacket Info:
Your lifeline to the Pub Series is our website NER and free
bi-weekly enewsletter
as well as the mag. Take advantage of all because that’s
where the notice asking for your jacket size will appear after the fifth race
in the Series. If the deadline is missed (and sorry, but this is your fault,
not ours) men’s sizes default to ‘large’ and women to ‘medium.’ No whining

The top
overall 50 places for men and women are based on cross country scoring.
Win the
race, you get 50 points, come in 50th, you get one point. Everyone of
any age
is eligible to score here. Age group scoring goes 10 deep for Masters
& Seniors (50-59), 8 deep for Vets (60-69) and 5 deep for 70+.
Example: If you’re
the top 40-49 runner in a race, you get 10 points in your age division.
you’re 10th Master, you get one point. Implemented in 2014: The Octogenarian (80+) division, 3-deep for men.
Much welcomed in 2013 was retail vendor Marathon Sports
If you manage to complete five of six Pub Series races and earn a pair of New
Balance shoes, you can take your certificate to any of 14 (& counting) Marathon Sports stores and pick out your shoes the same day. This
beats (by far) having to send a certificate with your shoe size to a
warehouse and waiting for delivery.

The Schedule for NER Pub Series XX – *WORKING LINKS are below the graphic (check back after
each race for updated Standings and participant list. The
‘Manifesto/Schedule’ link will be up on our homepage throughout the

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