Almost An Extraordinarily Good Time at Liam’s Pub Series Semi5M

Well Almost everyone had a good time running the Liam’s Almost 5-Miler, followed by an almost great time back at Liam’s, followed by an almost stupendous time back at Bird Manor, nestled off the hills of Sippewissett on an estuary leading to Little Falmouth Harbor and rocked by just two cannon roars before foul weather moved ashore.


Not to worry, party organizers put up a 10×10 tent for revelers with a smaller tent to keep the rain off Courtney’s son, Stephen, as he dispensed with oysters and chicken from the smoker. The band played on and the keg’s tap handle fairly danced with activity.


So beforehand, the race, and almost a controversy as runner-up Alex Kramer (25:44) scored for Whirlaway, which toppled HFC in the team competition…but is Janja clad Kramer really Whirlaway and is this almost a controversy as it’s almost the difference between two 6-packs at the award ceremony.


We know the former Brandeis Judge—also runner-up at Doyle’s and leading the Pub Series by 3-points over HFC’s People’s Champion, TJ Unger—has been actively recruited, but when we asked Alex when he was going to join, there was a hem, followed by a haw…


The same with women’s winner (29:53) Heather Mahoney (definitely Whirlaway!) on her commitment to the Pub Series, which was an almost maybe…but she does enjoy riding to races in the Whirlaway party vehicle so who knows. (Photo: Jocular Joe Noonan.)


Defending Pub champion and Liam’s runner-up (31-flat) Amanda Watters of the BAA is perched squarely atop the leaderboard after a “1” at Doyle’s and “2” at Liam’s with a 3-point lead over Liam’s bronze medalist Holly Madden-Merrill (31:39) a marvel at age 52 (and definitely Whirlaway!).


A quick wrap-up of record runs on the day starting with former AIC (American Int’l College in Springfield, MA) ace Nick Green of HFC who clocked 25:34 while being chased by Kramer and crew to lower Dave Wilson’s 25:47 from 2016. Ironically, Dave’s dad, James Wilson, 65, was 4th among Vets in 37:35 in a division ruled by long-time Pub titan Dave Wessman (32:15) of TIR.


Next up: Owner of the most mangled awards ceremony name in the biz, Greg Picklesimer (Pickle -Sigh – Mur) ran 26:59 to place 5th overall while knocking off Almost Cakouros’s 27:38 from last year.


Last but never least, the Wonder Woman from Warren, RI, Marge Bellisle, 62, ran 7:09 pace to clock 35:05 and is enshrined on Liam’s homepage as the new Vets record holder, which is almost right as she ran 34:49 here in 2017 to best Alda Cossi’s record of 36:53 set in 2016.


But who’s almost whining…none from this quarter as PCB Management once again put on an epic production!


So now it’s time to turn the briny hull of the SS Malt & Hops inland to tackle (yet again) the Corrib Pub 5K at expansive Billings Field with the post post-race party at NER loyalist John Barbour’s house at an undisclosed location (so close to the Corrib you’re almost there).

Men’s Standings

Women’s Standings

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