2016 Champion Emily Sisson Heads Reebok Women’s 10K in Boston Monday

Talented Field Heading to 2018 Reebok Boston 10K for Women

Experienced champions and professional debutants to square off in historic race. 

Photo: A race with a bit of history. From yesteryear, 2004 Women’s 10K champion Marie Davenport (in black) and 2005-2006 champion Katie McGregor on a soggy day crossing the Mass. Ave. Bridge. Photo by Chris “SureShot” Spinney.

BOSTON – Conventures, Inc. today announced the latest list of elite athletes competing in the 2018 Reebok Boston 10K for Women, which will be held on Monday, October 8 at Boston Common. Formerly known as the Tufts Health Plan 10K for Women, it’s New England’s largest all-women’s sporting event, and is the second longest running all-women’s road race in the United States.

Former race champion Emily Sisson and Ethiopian phenom Buze Diriba are joined by 2020 Olympic hopefuls from seven countries and several professional debutants. Additional athletes are expected to be added through the week.

Name Residence 10K/10,000 meters PR  Instagram Twitter
Chelsea Blaase (24, USA) Rochester Hills, MI 34:09 (roads, 2017) 31:57.56 (track, 2018) chelseablaase chelseablaase
Erin Clark (23, USA) Flagstaff, AZ Road debut, 32:28.88 (track, 2018) erinelizabeth41 erinclark28
Buze Diriba (24, ETH) Albuquerque, NM 31:37 (roads, 2017) 31:33.27 (track, 2015)
Rosie Donegan (25, AUS) Brighton, MA 34:06 (roads, 2016) rosiedonegan
Mimi Fallon (52, USA) Walpole, MA 34:22 (roads, 2003) 35:05 (track, 1996)
Dana Giordano (24, USA) Boston, MA Debut dana_gio6
Hayley Green (29, NZL) Somerville, MA Debut
Dylan Hassett (25, USA) Providence, RI 34:29 (roads, 2016) 33:06.92 (track, 2018) _dylangrace_
Brittni Hutton (29, USA) Lubbock, TX 34:33 (roads, 2015) 34:01.38 (track, 2015) brittni_anne89 brittnihutton
Rachel Johnson (25, USA) Flagstaff, AZ 33:34 (roads, 2015) 32:32.84 (track, 2018) rachrunsworld
Grace Kahura (25, KEN) Katonah, NY 34:02 (roads, 2014) gracenkahura gracetherunner1
Holly Rees (25, UK) Cambridge, MA 34:07 (roads, 2018) 33:13.55 (track, 2017)
Leah Rosenfeld (30, USA) Flagstaff, AZ 36:46 (roads, 2016) leahrosenfeld
Lindsey Scherf (32, USA) New Paltz, NY 32:33 (roads, 2014) 32:27.01 (track, 2016) lindseyscherf lindseyscherf
Amy Schnittger (28, USA) Palo Alto, CA 34:52 (roads, 2016) 33:49.24 (track, 2018) aschnitty AmySchnittger
Rachele Schulist (24, USA) Rochester Hills, MI 35:52 (roads, 2014) 33:24.97 (track, 2016) racheleschulist racheleschulist
Emily Sisson (26, USA) Providence RI 31:47 (roads, 2016) 31:25.64 (track, 2017) em_sisson_ em_sisson
Natalie Tanner (23, GER) Rye, NY 34:59 (roads, 2017) 32:36.15 (track, 2018) nattanner
Maya Weigel (23, USA) Mountain View, CA Debut
Alice Wright (23, UK) Flagstaff, AZ Road debut, 32:15.73 (track, 2018) alicewright139 alicewright01

The women will vie for $17,000 in prize money, and to secure a title on one of the most historic courses in women’s road racing. The course record of 31:21, set by Molly Huddle in 2015, remains the US 10K record for a women’s-only race.

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