Why Luke O’Connor Could/Should Break the Course Record at Pub Series Stop No. 3 – the BHZ 5K

NER Pub Series boss Luke O’Connor of the Tracksmith Hare AC is undefeated heading into Pub Series stop No.3 —the 2nd annual BHZ 5K out of the Barrel House Z Brewery on Boston’s South Shore in Weymouth this Sunday, June 23.


The CR Hypothesis


Luke O’Connor in the rain at Liam’s Almost 5-Miler, Photo by FitzFoto/NERunner

Back on April 7 at the Cornerstone of the NER Pub Series—the 23rd annual Emerald Necklace 5M out of Doyle’s Café (and over hill & dale in Franklin Park) the former Tufts All American won handily in 26:05 with HFC Strider Stephen Curley in 2nd at 26:21. That’s 5:12.6 avg. pace for O’Connor.


Pub Series race No. 2 took place in soggy Falmouth at the 5th annual Liam Maguire’s Almost 5-Miler (wheel measured at 4.9167) on May 5. Luke’s primary adversary here was former collegiate rival Austin Scott, who was in the same year as O’Connor while running for WPI.


O’Connor would win this tilt in a course record 25:31 with Scott 2nd in 25:46.

That’s 5:11.4 avg. pace for O’Connor.


BU runner and mile juggling world record holder Zach Prescott covered the USATF certified BHZ 5K course last year in 16:02 after a course long joust with HFC’s TJ Unger, a 3x Pub Series champion.


TJ Unger on Surf Drive in Falmouth during Liam’s Almost 5-Miler, photo by FitzFoto/NERunner

Unger was alongside Prescott when the Terrier kicked to win by 5-seconds. Prescott’s avg. pace was 5:10.2.


Currently the US Masters Mile and 3000m champ, Unger gets our nod for the M40 record, but that’s easy. Racing close to 2-miles less than the previous two races, O’Connor only needs to shave a few seconds from his previous pace to set the record.


Course Record Holder Zach Prescott doing what he does best at the Barrel House Z Brewery, photo by MickFoto/NERunner

Former Bentley All American Caitlin Fahey ran 18:08 at the Pre-Game 5K run over the same course on Feb. 3 and that won’t be touched. The women’s CR for the summer version, however, is 19:23.


Last year’s 4-5 runners—Leslie O’Dell and past Pub champ Amanda Watters—are back. O’Dell was just 18 seconds out of 1st last year with Watters a few seconds back of that.

However, currently tied for Pub Series supremacy, it’s newbies Kim Ionta of the Marshfield Road Runners and Christina Campbell of the HFC Striders who went 1-2 at Doyle’s at a pace that puts 19:23 in serious jeapordy…but that’s another story.

So for the fleet of feet and the vast majority of we mere mortals, there are two craft brew, music, awards, sun (according to the forecast 9-days out) mirth and merriment awaiting. The race website is HERE!

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