HFC’s Grandfield “Goes Postal” At NER Pub Stop No. 5 – CFP 5M

Photo: With a bag of ice on his shoulder, Scott Grandfield give a low-5 to TNT’s Mike Daniels. Photo by FitzFoto/NERunner

The most unusual occurrence to come out of the 16th and final Common Fence Point 5M was HFC’s Scott Grandfield putting his stamp of disapproval on a law abiding citizen’s mailbox with violent repercussions.


“I was right behind them (Grandfield, TNT’s Mike Daniels) and there was nothing in the street but then it’s Whoa, Scott was down and it looked like he had run into a wall,” said SRR’s Joe O’Leary.


TNT’s Daniels gave Joe the go-ahead as he stopped to help. So what happened? When we met Scott while waiting for the leaders to come back from the turnaround he had a full bag of ice on his shoulder.


“It was right before two miles on a straightaway. I knew Mike was behind me but I didn’t know how far back so I looked back to check,” explained Scott. “I hit this mailbox with my left shoulder, took the mailbox down, I went down and my shoulder popped out.


“Turns out it was this black mailbox between two hedges and it was in the shade, probably the only shade on the course. I never saw it. Mike stopped and that was huge, he sacrificed his race.”


Grandfield was able to get a ride to the finish, and get the bag of ice. His popped shoulder was popped back in and when Mike Daniels came running toward us, the “low-5” photo was orchestrated. If it bleeds, it leads!


This was a tremendous scoop on the CFP Tattler that will probably report an act of disturbing vandalism.


So 16 years of CFP, 16 turns on the course, never a mishap on the turns, but the straightaways…


Race start, Grandfield is in red hat between Chris Klucznik (in yellow) and TJ Unger. Photo by FitzFoto/NERunner

Pub leader Luke O’Connor padded his tally on a hot and humid day, winning in 26:44, as SRR’s Chris Klucznik came on late to pass HFC’s TJ Unger to claim 2nd in 27:35. Unger retains the silver medal Series slot while Chris K. climbs out of a tie with CSU’s Patrick Bugbee for sole possession of 3rd.


SRR’s Chris Klucznik, bound for glory, Photo by FitzFoto/NERunner


Heather “Blue Mule” Spinney felt the kick early, jetting to a 6:05 opening mile lead. Would the magic continue?


“I felt great the first mile, not so great the second,” allowed Heather.


Heather Spinney, 1st mile wonderment, photo by FitzFoto/NERunner

Past Pub champ Mimi Fallon of HFC did a great job tailing Pub Series leader and teammate Christina Campbell as both passed Heather.


Christina would pour it on to win in 31:53 for 16th overall among the field of 299. Mimi posted up in 32:31 with Heather 3rd in 33:33 but scaling the leaderboard into 2nd, one point ahead of past champ Amanda Watters (who’s preggers!).


Mimi, 54, is in 6th overall in the Series, one point ahead of Rita Donahue, returning from injury after missing the last Pub race. “I had a bad back and I was ‘wait, I’m too young to have a bad back,” moaned Rita, just 24.


Thirsty Irish Runner Veteran’s icon Dave Wessman made do with a hobbled knee as New Bedford’s Pete Danzell, 60, won his third straight M60 tilt in 33:53 while also breaking a tie with Wessman for the top M60 spot.


M60 leader, dashing Pete Danzell, photo by MickFoto/NERunner


Marshfield RR Kim Ionta missed her first Pub outing as she defended her Senior title at Falmouth (the other race on the day), dropping to 5th among Open women but retaining the top F50 slot (by 1 point).


There was a great Woodstock 50th anniversary trivia quiz with prizes post race, NER wining a bottle of rose for correctly identifying Abby Hoffman as the activist that was shoved off stage by the Who’s Pete Townshed.


We will miss wildly dressed Mike Proto being booed by the crowd as a raffle winner and yelling Shut Up! To the crowd in pure pro wrestling pantomime (happens every year).


CFP RD John Santillo, photo  by MickFoto/NERunner

John Santillo, RD for 16 years, ran in his final CFP race, a Pub Series stop on 5 occasions and preceded by John’s previous Pub outings at Jo’s Lounge 5K, also in Portsmouth and a favorite of the late, great Irish Tom Hurley, who made more than one reconnaissance trip to the dive bar.


Now that the final curtain has lowered on CFP, it’s on to Paddy’s for the finale. See you there!

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