Bumps, Bruises and Quick Snips form Tom D. at the Trials



The Turnaround: All photos by Tom Derderian


Vermont’s Kasie Enman of the Green Mtn. AA in Atlanta after her Olympic Trials Marathon saying that it was her worst marathon (2:52:45) but best experience because of all the crowd support making the first 8 miles a “tunnel of affirmation.”


Kaitlin Gregg Goodman fell at a half mile in the big, slow pack and was trampled as she described it “like Simba in the Lion King by a heard of wilderbeasts.” She got up with cuts and scrapes and a black eye and weaved up through the pack to the leaders, but had to quit by halfway. She appreciated all the encouragement from her fellow runners, but could not continue. You can see the cut on her knee. (this was Goodman’s 4th Trials.)

(Ed. note: Talked with Tyler Pennel of Zap Fitness (4th at Boston in 2018) who suffered a similar calamity as he went down with Reed Fisher. “I landed on my hip and it was sore, but it was more of a break in rhythm as it turned out,” said Pennel. “Reed got the worst of it. He cut his knee and his head was bleeding.” Pennel placed 11th in 2:12:34; Reed 97th in 2:24:48.)

The US Women’s Team: Molly Seidel, Aliphine Tulianak and Sally Kipyego.

The US Men’s Team: Abdi Abdirahman (his 5th!), Jacob Riley and Galen Rupp.


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