Missing Oct. Marathon Series: the 39th Guthrie Wineglass Marathon (running Virtual from Oct. 1- 31)

Long a favorite of native New Yorkers, New Englanders (and others) Wineglass features a fast. flat and scenic point-to-point course through the southern Finger Lakes from Bath to Corning. It was originally slated for Oct. 4, 2020.

(from the Nov/Dec 2019 issue of New England Runner)


Burks, Hagley Harness Wind Power at Wineglass

After thoughts of exiting the Guthrie Wineglass Marathon, NH’s Laura Hagley is glad she stuck around to secure both a women’s course record and a Trials qualifier. Photo by Michael Simons/Wineglass Marathon


For newcomer Alexander Burks of Geneseo, and 2016 US Olympic Marathon trialist Laura Hagley of Hanover, NH, the onslaught of wind at the 38th Guthrie Wineglass Marathon made for some on-course adjustments. For Burks, 23 and a recent graduate of SUNY Geneseo, the marathon came about by accident.


As Wineglass Marathon RD Sheila Sutton explained, “It makes for an interesting story as Alexander was looking for an elite entry for the half marathon. I’d allocated all of the male half elite entries so we offered an elite entry to the full marathon as we had ‘one’ left. He accepted and then led the entire race.”


This was Burks first marathon, but why not, he’d run 34 miles over a day competing in the Peak to Brew Relay in the Adirondacks and had won two half marathons earlier in the year; plus, he’s friends with fellow SUNY-Geneseo graduate and Wineglass course record holder (2:20:19, 2017) Tim Chichester so, with a bit of osmosis, Burks took off from Bath on the point-to-point course to Corning guns ablazing.

Entering his first marathon quite by accident, Geneseo’s Alexander Burks hits paydirt. Photo by Michael Simons/Wineglass Marathon


So much so that he passed halfway in 1:09:07 with a 3-minute lead and thinking about Chichester’s record. However, thoughts of course record glory soon vanished in the stiff headwind, as Burks explained to the Star Gazette, “Somewhere in the 17- to 18-mile range that headwind really, really got to me. It was just a matter of hanging on from there on out. I had no idea where second place was in relation, but I knew I had put down so much of a good time in the first 17 to 18 miles that I probably had enough of a gap that I could win it as long as I held strong through to the end.”

Course Record holder Tim Chichester at the 2017 race. Photo by Ken Auyer


Burks persevered to win his inaugural marathon outing in 2:23:47 and was delighted to be congratulated by Meb Keflezighi, on hand for weekend festivities. “Winning my first marathon is incredible,” Burks said. “Then getting to see Meb at the finish line, I couldn’t stop telling him how much of an inspiration he is to myself and other runners…” Binghamton’s Tyler Eustance was the clear-cut runner-up in 2:28:13 with a three-way horse race for third between Florida’s Kris Shold, 38, Ithaca’s Sam Lagasse, 25, and Pennsylvania’s Zach Miller, 36.


The trio ran together through 10K in 35:04, halfway in 1:14:10 and 35K in 2:04:05. It wasn’t until the finish on Market St. in Corning that Shold was able to secure the bronze by 2-ticks over Lagasse in 2:29:33. Miller rounded out the top-5 in 2:29:41.


In the women’s race, Millennium Running’s Hagley, 35, was looking for a flat, somewhat downhill course to pursue a 2020 Trials qualifier (2:45:00). In 2016 she had run 2:43:18 at the Trails in L.A. in steambath conditions after qualifying in 2:39:55.


Originally from Buffalo, Wineglass was a good fit with Laura’s parents driving from Buffalo, and her husband, Greg, also on hand. Hagley seriously thought of exiting the course after being buffeted by winds through 10 miles but decided to stick around until 13, at which time two guys ahead of her were a windblock. Further impetus to keep moving was close behind in the person of Clark summit, PA’s Heidi Peoples, 39.


A five-time winner of the Steamtown Marathon, Peoples had already secured a trails qualifier at the 2018 Run for the Red Marathon with a time of 2:42:24. Through 10K in 38:48, Hagley was only 3-seconds ahead of Peoples; halfway in I 1:21:35 provided only a 6-second lead. With a few male runners providing a break from the wind, Hagley was able to recharge and was over a minute ahead of Peoples at 35K.


Keeping pace, Hagley broke the tape in a course record 2:44:07, eclipsing the 2:44:35 run by NJ’s Brianna Demers last year. Peoples logged in at 2:47:44 with Tennessee’s Allie Scalf placing third in 2:54:08. In addition to $600 for first, Hagley received a $500 bonus for the record, a Steuben Crystal Disc, plus a trails qualifier. All of which had to make quaint Corning a little cozier, as she commented to the Gazette, “It’s beautiful here. The town here is so compact. It reminds me a little bit of New England. My husband and I love that downtown feel where everyone congregates and it’s such a great, bursting community.”


In the attendant half marathon, Ben Robinson, 25, of Tunkhannock, PA, cleared the field early to win handily in 1:10:31 with Rush’s Nate Kozyra, 25, second at 1:12:16. The women’s field was especially strong, headed up by defending champion Laurel Leone, 34, of Manlius. Leone would secure her second straight title in 1:17:44. Trials qualifier Karen Bertasso, 35, of the Willow St. AC (Albany) was second in 1:19:07. Overall, the pair placed 9th and 13th among the field of 2,887 finishers.


Also placing top-20 was third placer Alexandra Niles, 36, of Montclair, NJ, in 1:20:15. Bath’s Megan Luckner, 25, in 1:21:12 and Corning’s Ashley Nevol, 29, in 1:21:47 rounded out the top-5. At the Wineglass 8K back in May, Nevol had placed first in 30:09 with Luckner second at 30:24.


World Record: Certainly worthy of a headline was the rather remarkable feat achieved by 7th placer Brian Reynolds, 31, of Bloomfield, NJ. Due to a rare blood infection at the age of 4, Reynolds lost both legs below the knee. He powerlifted at one point, then began running in the 2000’s and by 2016 was excelling. His goal is to brake three hours for the marathon after running 3:03:35 in London and then 3:03:22 in Chicago during 2018.

NJ’s Brian Reynolds is justifiably pumped after running 1:17:05 to place 7th overall in the Wineglass Half Marathon. Photo by Michael Simons/Wineglass Marathon


Earlier this year he ran a world record half marathon (for a double amputee below the knee) at the NYC Half Marathon in 1:19:43. Reynolds obliterated that mark on the 13.1-mile trek from Bath to Corning in 1:17:07 for an average pace of 5:54. —Bob F.


38th Annual Guthrie Wineglass Marathon/Half Marathon, Corning, October 6

1,598 Marathon Finishers; 2,887 Half Marathon Finishers; 876 5K Finishers – Timing by Leone Timing. Marathon USATF Certified: NY15016JG – Marathon Records: Tim Chichester, 2:20:19, 2017; Laura Hagley, 2:44:09, 2019. Masters: Steve Wilson, 2:28:55, 2002; Nathalie Goyer, 2:50:31, 2008. Seniors: Terry Stanley, 2:42:40, 2004; Wanda Gau, 3:04:58, 2017. Half Marathon USATF Certified: NY15118JG –Half Marathon Records: David Sinclair, 1:06:02, 2018; Julianne Quinn, 1:16:04, 2017.

Men’s Marathon (Overall): 1. Alexander Burks, 2:23:47; 2. Tyler Eustance, 2:28:13; 3. Kris Shold, FL, 2:29:33; 4. Sam Lagasse, 2:29:35; 5. Zach Miller, PA, 2:29:41; 6. Rich Heffron, 2:33:47; 7. John Schnitter, 2:35:34; 8. Brian Shrout, FL, 2:39:16; 9. Mike Polidori, 2:41:45; 10. Will Cunha, DC, 2:44:45; 11. Chris Watson, WA, 2:45:00; 12. Tony Lupia, 2:45:22; 13. Brett Smith, 2:47:23; 14. Eric Shuler, MD, 2:48:00; 15. Corey Brown, 2:49:57. Masters: 1. Brian Shrout, FL, 2:39:17; 2. Dan Pinkerton, IA, 2:50:35; 3. Paul O’Hara, PA, 2:51:31. Seniors: 1. Mark Hanna, PA, 3:03:01; 2. Tom Jensen, VA, 3:05:15; 3. Marc-Andre Charette, PQ-CAN, 3:09:06. Veterans: 1. Keith Gilbraith, 3:15:24; 2. Chris Glatt, KS, 3:22:20; 3. Andy Fitzgerald, MD, 3:34:27. (70+): 1. Tyrone Sklaren, 4:42:58; 2. Henry Reeves, VA, 4:48:19; 3. John Depatto, PA, 5:20:00.

Women’s Marathon (Overall): 1. Laura Hagley, NH, 2:44:09 (CR: old record 2:44:35, Brianna Deming, 2018); 2. Heidi Peoples, PA, 2:47:47; 3. Allie Greer, TN, 2:54:14; 4. Jen Selig, PA, 2:54:42; 5. Elena Kidd, AL, 2:56:48; 6. Meghan Bongartz, 2:58:59; 7. Grace Bakker, ONT-CAN, 3:02:48; 8. Meaghan Murray, MD, 3:04:02; 9. Liz Campbell, CT, 3:04:17; 10. Renae Cicchinelli, RI, 3:04:39; 11. Hollie Hughes, 3:05:33; 12. Kim Mills, 3:06:04; 13. Danielle Burns, PA, 3:06:41; 14. Amy Skorich, NC, 3:07:11; 15.Toni Diegoli, 3:07:54. Masters: 1. Toni Diegoli, MD, 3:08:03; 2. Erin Larusso, MI, 3:10:12; 3. Kathy West, PA, 3:12:41. Seniors: 1. Barbara Russo, 3:17:00; 2. Pam Ritchie, 3:27:46; 3. Liz Randell, 3:32:38. Veterans: 1. Mary Marshall, TN, 3:30:45; 2. Cathy Holden, 3:43:13; 3. Loretta Engler, FL, 3:55:10. (70+): 1. T. J. Bryan, PA, 4:50:40; 2. Bev Attinson, NJ, 5:10:14.

Men’s Half Marathon (Overall): 1. Ben Robinson, PA, 1:10:31; 2. Nate Kozyra, 1:12:16; 3. Mike Williamson, PA, 1:14:01; 4. Steven Barnes, MD, 1:15:22; 5. Tim Appman, PA, 1:16:17; 6. Jim Osborn, CT, 1:16:29; 7. Brian Reynolds, NJ, 1:17:05; 8. Matt Oleksa, PA, 1:17:24; 9. Aaron Knobloch, 1:17:47; 10. Jason Tripp, MD, 1:17:50. Masters: 1. Jim Osborn, CT, 1:16:29; 2. Aaron Knobloch, 1:17:47; 3. Jason Tripp, MD, 1:17:50. Seniors: 1. Steven Cammisa, 1:26:19; 2. Andy Getzin, 1:27:06; 3. Ken Burt, 1:27:41. Veterans: 1. Curt Eggers, 1:36:03; 2. Bill Zeltwanger, 1:38:32; 3. Pete Winnett, 1:42:39. (70+): 1. Tom Santee, 1:45:46; 2. Ken Jobe, TN, 1:55:55; 3. Charles Moen, 2:11:00.

Women’s Half Marathon (Overall): 1. Laurel Leone, 1:17:44; 2. Karen Bertasso, 1:19:07; 3. Alexandra Niles, NJ, 1:20:15; 4. Megan Luckner, 1:21:12; 5. Ashley Nevol, 1:21:47; 6. Megan Jacoby, 1:21:51; 7. Karen Auteri, NJ, 1:24:51; 8. Carley Glasser, FL, 1:26:09; 9. Rachel Bargabos, 1:26:12; 10. Erica Stoltenberg, VA, 1:26:34. Masters: 1. Karen Blodgett, 1:26:44; 2. Karen Guerand, 1:32:23; 3. Amy Balash, 1:34:59. Seniors: 1. Melissa Munkwitz, CO, 1:36:01; 2. Sandy Wheeler, 1:39:28; 3. Donna Meyer, 1:40:06. Veterans: 1. Linda Boyer, PA, 1:48:21; 2. Joyce Brensinger, NJ, 1:55:16; 3. Rauni English, 1:56:15. (70+): 1. Kathy Spiak, 2:31:44; 2. Karen Howell, PA, 2:37:52; 3. Lyndia Eberhardt, ONT-CAN, 3:08:43.




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