From Paddy’s to Big D’s – The Denouement of Pub Series 2022

From Paddy’s to Big D’s (Damien’s Freaky 5K



So how do you take down a certified 3M 18-year-old record that had been run at 4:48 pace? Easy, at least for Ocean State TC’s Julius Diehr. You run successive miles in 4:35, 4:36 and 4:37 to post up in 13:48. This eclipsed the 14:24 run by John Mortimer in 2004 and matched by Connor Reck in 2018.



Diehr picked up $200 for the 1-2 mile primes and an additional $250 for the CR. Antonio Wilson, currently 5th on the leaderboard after wins at BHZ and the Fall Classic, could only watch at 5:01 pace. Antonio did pick up a new pair of shoes.



Placing 5th overall, CSU’s Patrick Bugbee remained a lock atop the standing while teammates Doug Loganand Jason Goldschmidt are but a point apart in the 2-3 positions followed by SRR strongman Greg Picklesimer 3 points ahead of Wilson.



With the absence of women’s Series leader Christina Campbell, HFC Strider teammate Nicole Nelson vaulted into the lead with a women’s win at Paddy’s in 17:48 with HFC’s Hallie Armstrong in second at 17:56.



Nicole won the Shillelagh and $100 for the 1st mile prime in 5:51 with Hallie clinching the 2M prime in 11:45.



While there’s some suspense on the men’s side, women pubsters just need to stay upright at Damien’s to place on their divisional podium.




Most asked question at Paddy’s: “Where’s Hanson?” Ha, it’s on the South Shore, home to Damien’s, The King of Bars. Google and Garmin and we’ll see you there on Sunday, Oct. 30.

Men’s Standings

Women’s Standings

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