The Awe Inspiring 2023 Pub Series/Malt & Hops Tour Schedule & Manifesto

Welcome Publicans! For those who’ve been along for the ride for over two decades now (You know who you are, so do we!) and for those making an initial venture, anyone and everyone is encouraged to participate in the 2023 Pub Series/Malt & Hops Tour.





The Series was started the first year we owned NER – 1998. The youngsters following the Series over the decades became parents and at one time our tent resembled a daycare unit. It’s been a beautiful ride and now, after two Covid induced years missed, and a pared down Series last year just to gather people once again, it’s peddle to the metal time, so without further ado, here is the…





2023 Pub Series, dba Malt & Hops Tour Schedule



(All Important Rules of Engagement Follow the Schedule)




February 12 – 5th Pre-Game 5K at the Barrel House Z Brewery in South Weymouth, MA

Kick off Super Sunday in style. Fast & friendly USATF Certified course. Unique craft brew. Parent/Child teams, Puma shoes to the top-3 men and women and every 50th finisher. Awards in 8 categories up through 80+. Course Records: Andy Gardiner, 16:07, 2019; Caitlin Fahey, 18:08, 2019.


Race website


Register Here


Barrel House Z Brewery


Men’s Standings            Women’s Standings


March 12 – Irish Clover 5M at Owen & Ollie’s Pub and Restaurant in Dracut, MA

This was our first and last Pub Series race in 2020 with a state of emergency declared 2-days later. Character building course with plenty of post-race merriment inside and out at Owen & Ollie’s. Third race in the Wild Rover Series.


Race Website


Register Here


Men’s Standings                    Women’s Standings


May 21 – 23rd Evan’s Run 5K in Norwell, MA

Point to point speedburner of a USATF certified course with a blazing downhill finish. Post-race craic at the Tinker’s Son. Free Shepard’s Pie, mac & cheese, salad and bread, couple of choices of Brewery craft beer including an IPA. Course Records: Derek Noland, 15:38, 2019; Kara Haas, 18:08, 2016.


Race website


Register here


Women’s Standings

Men’s Standings


July 16 – Riverwalk Brewery IPA5K in Newburyport, MA

Plenty of parking at this new Pub Series venue in the beautiful coastal town of Newburyport. Post-race gathering with craft brew in the beer garden.


Race website


Register here


Riverwalk Brewing Co.


Women’s Standings

Men’s Standings



August 27 – 5th BHZ 5K at the Barrel House Z Brewery in South Weymouth, MA

Cash prizes, craft brew, live music, Large LED Finish Line Display, Gargantua Trophy to top team participation (Mini-Gargantua to No. 2), Brewmeister Trophy to top Brewery RC participation. Fun in the Sun. Featuring the same fast USATF certified course as Race No. 1 – the Pre-Game 5K. Course Records: Valdir De Oliveira , 15:41, 2019; Rachel Rodin, 17:51, 2022

Register HERE


Race Website HERE


BHZ Brewery website HERE


Men’s Standings


Women’s Standings



October 1 – 8th Fall Classic 5K in Cambridge, MA

*Publicans, join Fitz & Michelle on the already existing New England Runner team when you sign up. 20 members gets us (and you) a tent smack dab in the University Quad Beer Garden where the Gobshites are playing and the Cambridge Brewing Company is pouring.

Run out of Kendall Square on a flat & fast USATF certified course. Course Records: Peter Gilmore (2015) and Tim Harder (2017), 15:47; Rosie Donegan, 16:51, 2016

Register HERE and remember to join the New England Runner team



The All-Important Rules of Engagement:

Membership Has its Benefits



By overwhelming Publican decree at a vote taken during an early Awards Night at the legendary and now defunct Doyle’s Café, you need to be a paid subscriber to NER by Race No. 3 on May 21 (to avoid being expunged from the Series). If you’re married or living in sin, one per household will do (just let us know). To be scored you need to participate in five of the six races; hence, “Five to Stay Alive.” “Miss one, have your fun; Miss two, you’re through.”



From the Archives – Awards Night at Doyle’s, Dec., 2014. Photo by Scott Mason




Puma Pub Series jackets are in the offing for everyone doing all six Series’ races; and  Puma running shoes for those completing five races .For those wishing to be scored, to be eligible for $ and other swag at the Series’ end party at a location, completing six races or being an award winner gets an invite to Awards Night  TBD and usually in early Dec.





Also, if your name is misspelled or missing from the post on our website of participant’s attendance at races, Michelle has that thankless task so let her know asap (as opposed to the end of the Series) at Mick. Yours truly (Fitz) has the thankless task of scoring the races, so if there’s a point discrepancy, likewise, let me know asap at Fitz.


How the Series is Scored

The top overall 50 places for men and women are based on cross country scoring. Win the race, you get 50 points, come in 50th, you get one point. Everyone of any age is eligible to score here.

For men, age group scoring goes 10 deep for Masters, Seniors and Veterans, and 8-deep for 70-79 and 4-deep for 80+ Ozone Warriors. Same for women, only difference being 6-deep for 70-79 and 3-deep for 80+.

Example: If you’re the top 40-49 runner in a race, you get 10 points in your age division. If you’re 10th Master, you get one point. Implemented in 2014: The Octogenarian (80+) division, 3-deep for men.







Pub Series Media & End of Series Swag




You can sign up for our free bi-weekly newsletter, NER Express, crucial to staying up to date with Pub Series news, at the top of our website.



Jacket Info: Your lifeline to the Pub Series is our website NER and free bi-weekly -newsletter as well as the mag. Take advantage of all (especially the e-newsletter) because that’s where the notice asking for your jacket size will appear after the fifth race in the Series. It’s also where the Awards Night venue is to be found.

Don’t be a newbie who emails us at the end of the Series asking why we didn’t email you for a jacket size before the deadline. Among other notifications, the info was in the e-newsletter. If the deadline is missed, men’s sizes default to ‘large’ and women to ‘medium.’ No whining allowed.

Also on Jackets: After spending over $1,000 to mail out jackets (over the years pre-Covid) following Awards Night, No mas! If you can’t attend Awards Night, and you can’t arrange for a friend who is attending to pick up your jacket, we’ll have to work something else out.

Puma Pub Series jackets will be awarded to everyone who runs six of six races. For those who complete five of six races there’s a pair of Puma  shoes in the offing.

End of Series Swag at Awards Night: $125 – $100 – $75 for overall top-3, and $50 for age-group winners plus merchandise for 2-3 finishers from Masters thru 80+. Pub Jackets and Shoes to those qualified, plus food, mirth and merriment.



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