2:14 Marathoner Sets Record at Pub Series Stop No. 5 – the BHZ 5K (Plus Other Scintillating News!)

Congrats to all who piled on the Pub Points at the Series’ penultimate race, the 5th BHZ 5K at the Barrel House Z Brewery this past Sunday (8-27).






1st Costume, Nate Taylor with 2nd Runner, Will Sanders. Photo by FitzFoto/NERunner






We had expected a course record from CT’s speedy Will Sanders after his recent wins at the Bridge of Flowers 8K and Battle of Stonington just the Tuesday before BHZ. He’d come within a second in 15:42, but the record still went down.






Accompanied by his wife and young daughter, Gilmar Lopes signed up on race day. In 2021 the Brazilian had run Spain’s Valencia Marathon in 2:14:36. He’d arrive back at the brewery in 15:09 (4:53 pace) to pocket $125 and a new pair of Puma shoes (and a classy race logo drinking jar).







“I don’t like losing, but I don’t feel all that bad if it’s a 2:14 guy,” mused Sanders.







Puma Shoe winners Bill Lapsley and Marge Bellisle (running with Tom Corrigan and trailed by HFC’s Pat Sweeney). Photos by MickFoto/NERunner







Big Cat Energy News: Pub Series sponsor Puma was doling out Puma shoes to every 50th finisher and winners included Publicans Bill Lapsley (3rd M60 among Pubsters) who placed 50th in 21:25 and RI’s Marge Bellisle (2nd W60 among Pubsters) in 24:19.







Pub Series Queen Nicki Nelson laboring just a tad. Photo by MickFoto/NERunner







Now the Really Big News, is that HFC’s Nicole Nelson—4-for-4 in Pub Series races coming into BHZ—would arrive fourth in 20:06, 1 minute 6 seconds behind speedy Will’s wife and top Master, Sybil Sanders in 19-flat.







Breaking News: Well, Nicki revealed she’s been preggers for the whole Series and despite being 4.5-months along, after “running for two” in a Labor of Love she still retains her Pub supremacy going into the Cambridge Fall Classic (sign-up HERE – join the New England Runner team) on Oct. 1.







Bonne Chance Elizabeth Lennox. Photo by MickFoto/NERunner







More Breaking News: 2nd Master and 7th among women in 21:09, Somerville’s Elizabeth Lennox cannot lose the Pub Series Masters title (she’s the only entrant left), but she also currently sits No. 2 among Series women. For the final Pub race, she’ll be in La Belle Province in Eastern Canada running a gem of an unheralded marathon in Quebec.







Emily Larson, now 3rd among female Pubsters. Photo by MickFoto/NERunner







What’s this mean: While we wish Elizabeth well in her 26.2-mile adventure, it means she’ll fall like a rock in the overall standings. This bodes best for CSU’s Eileen Cakouros, who was in third overall but was leapfrogged by teammate Emily Larson.







In a domino effect, this also bodes well for CSU’s Sue McNatt, who missed a race and has been trailing Eileen in the W50 standings. The Series-end cash is more for 3rd place than top W50 (by $25) so Eileen will move out of W50 and Sue will move up and that is also good news for pals Kate Maul (now No. 2) and Gretchen Wilson (now No. 3).







With a 5th place 16:19 showing, HFC’s TJ Unger retains his lead by 4-points over 7th placer (16:51) and defending Pub Series champ Patrick Bugbee of CSU. Immediately following BHZ, TJ jetted out to help HFC at the USATF-NE XC GP that followed by a day the USATF-NE 10M GP (huh?).







Connor Burbine, tops in the non-existent Lemonade Quaffing Division (and 8th in the standings) finishes just ahead of CSU’s Jason Goldschmidt (3rd overall in the standings). Photo by MickFoto/NERunner






With TJ and fellow Master Jason Goldschmidt of CSU both in the top-3 of the Series, this clears the Masters division for hard working Brian McCarthy of HFC, who currently sits 4th overall and 3rd among M40.







Trophy Time: Photo by FitzFoto/NERunner






The rest of the divisional standings remain status quo heading into the Fall Classic where NER is well on its way to gathering the requisite 20 members for a VIP spot in the University Quad Beer Garden post-race. See you there!







Important News: If you’ve run 5 races and plan on the 6th, and if you haven’t already given Michelle (nerunner@comcast.net) your jacket size, please do so pronto.

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