Earth Shaking Alteration to Pub Series Standings Following 30th Corrib Pub 5K

Congrats to all Publicans who labored up the killer hill on the backside of Billings Field and made it through to the finish line of the 30th Corrib Pub in our Malt & Hops Series stop No. deux.






Present women’s frontrunner Elizabeth Bugbee of the Cambridge Sport Union. (NER photo natch).








The Corrib has been an “old school” Pub Series Stop several times previous, a haunt of the HFC Striders although the ying and yang singlets of the Cambridge Sports Union were very much prevalent. Of course if there is no CSU tent evident and HFC now has a state of the art pop up suitable for storing one’s cooler until the hard work of image taking is done, well, one tends to migrate…






Pub stalwarts Marge Bellisle of Warren, RI and Paul “Corky” Corcoran, out Masters champ in the inaugural year of the Pub Series (1998). Along with English bloke Macdara Nash.










HFC’s Eileen Cakouris.









But seriously, given that Pub Series stop No. 1 was in Greater Lowell territory, and it seems the fine runners of that club never venture out of Lowell for a Pub Series outing … and that many of the adherents of the Corrib Pub race are there for unofficial West Roxbury Day… we have deviated from past norm in waiting until after the third race to start cutting the wheat from the chaff.






So on a variation of our mantra, “Miss one, have your fun, miss two you’re through,” we’re amending that this Series to “Miss one have your fun, but we have it on good authority (wizended guesstimate) you’re going to miss two, so you’re through.”






Our streamlined standings certainly reflect this, but if by happenstance you’ve missed a race but plan on completing the remaining five, email pronto for immediate readmission.






It ain’t pretty but they’re getting it done. Whirlaway’s Paul Hammond and Dave Wessman of the Thirsty Irish Runners.









The current standings give clearer focus to those committed and hopefully some incentive for those who haven’t climbed onto the leader board to do so as the next race – The Bridge of Flowers 8K on Aug. 10, had slightly over 400 runners last year and should offer a better opportunity as opposed to the first two events in the 750-1,000 person range. While we’ve currently cinched the Standings belt, hopefully we can let it out again after BOF.






Great to see 2022-2023 women’s champ Nikki Nelson of HFC making a cameo with her daughter on a jaunt from her current residence in NJ. Nikki placed 6th among women while No. 3, (but No. 1 in our book and standings) is CSU’s Elizabeth Bugbee, also a fairly recent mother but according to hubby and numero uno on the men’s side, Patrick Bugbee, “She’s actually training now.”






Enjoy the summer as the next malt and hop expedition isn’t until Aug. 10 in beautiful and bucolic Shelburne Falls, followed 2-weeks later by NER’s own modest little enterprise at the Barrel House Z Brewery on the South Shore for the 6th BHZ 5K.






Later down the road, also very excited about the rejuvenation of the Liam Maguire’s Almost 5M resurrected by HFC members Steve Houde and Liam’s Race Director Emely Larson. We’ve always said if this race, with all it offers, was in Cambridge, Boston or hell, even Lowell, it would draw 1,000 people easy.






Alright, enough for now, more to follow. See you down the road.

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