The Electric, Eclectic 2024 NER Pub Series XXV Schedule & Manifesto




NER Pub Series XXV Malt & Hops Tour for 2024




For those who’ve been with us for decades, welcome back friends! For those making an initial plunge, welcome aboard!




We’re usually 6-races in length, but unforeseen circumstances led to one (planned on) event receiving a date approval after we went to press with six destinations. Hence, 7 races this year. When the Series is 6-races long, runners who do all six receive a Pub Series jacket; those that do 5 receive Puma shoes.








This year, people who do all 7 eclectic offerings will receive a Pub Series jacket and Puma shoes and a handsome drinking vessel and an invite to Awards Night upstairs at Paddy’s Public House.




Those completing six races will get Puma shoes, an invite to Paddy’s, and maybe a commemorative drinking vessel, we’ll see…










To be scored in the Series and eligible for season ending cash, swag and camaraderie, to paraphrase Thunderdome:




Miss one, have your fun.




Miss Two, you’re through!





You can sign up for our free bi-weekly newsletter, NER Express, crucial to staying up to date with Pub Series news, at the top of our website ( Also, after a fairly unanimous vote by participants some years back, you have to be an NER subscriber by the 3rd race – The Bridge of Flowers 8K on Aug. 10 – to remain in the Series.




End of Series Swag at Awards Night: $125 – $100 – $75 for overall top-3, and $50 for age-group winners plus merchandise for 2-3 finishers from Masters thru 80+. Pub Jackets and Shoes to those qualified, plus food, mirth and merriment.




Scroll past the following lineup for an explanation of how the Series is scored, when to put in your size for a jacket, etc.




The 2024 Lineup: (Check back for links to updated standings)




March 10 – Irish Clover 5M, Dracut, MA

At Owen & Ollies Irish Pub & Restaurant

Sign up HERE

Men’s Standings Are HERE

Women’s Standings Are HERE




June 2 – 30th Corrib Pub Classic 5K, W. Roxbury, MA

Tap lines and B-B-Q in adjacent Billings Field

Sign up HERE




August 10 – Bridge of Flowers 8K, Shelburne Falls, MA

Festivities at the Blue Rock Restaurant, pours by Floodwater Brewing Company

Registration Opening April 1

Race website is HERE

Sign Up HERE

Pours by Floodwater Brewing

Post Race Party Locale overlooking the Deerfield River and Shelburne Falls Glacier potholes at the Blue Rock Restaurant & Bar



August 25 – Barrel House Z Brewery BHZ 5K, Weymouth, MA

Post-race on the lawn, the lot and tap room

Registration Opening April 15



September 15 – Liam’s Maguire’s 5M, Falmouth, MA

Post-race at Liam Maguire’s Irish Pub on Main St.




October 20 – Paddy’s Shillelagh Shuffle 3M, W. Newton, MA

At Paddy’s Public House




October 27 – Damien’s Freaky 5K, Hanson, MA

At Big D’s “King of Bars”




How the Series is Scored










The top overall 50 places for men and women are based on cross country scoring. Win the race, you get 50 points, come in 50th, you get one point. Everyone of any age is eligible to score here.

For men, age group scoring goes 10 deep for Masters, Seniors and Veterans, and 8-deep for 70-79 and 5-deep for 80+ Ozone Warriors. Same for women, only difference being 6-deep for 70-79 and 3-deep for 80+.

Example: If you’re the top 40-49 runner in a race, you get 10 points in your age division. If you’re 10th Master, you get one point. Implemented in 2024: The Cole-Ossal Division for those 90+ (which would be Larry Cole).




Jacket Info: Your lifeline to the Pub Series is our website ( and free bi-weekly -newsletter as well as the mag. Take advantage of all (especially the e-newsletter) because that’s where the notice asking for your jacket size will appear after the fifth race in the Series. It’s also where the Awards Night venue is to be found.




Also on Jackets: After spending over $1,000 to mail out jackets (over the years pre-Covid) following Awards Night, No mas! If you can’t attend Awards Night, and you can’t arrange for a friend who is attending to pick up your jacket, we’ll have to work something else out. There are some exceptions, like if you live in VT, ME or Warren, RI.

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