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Doyle’s a Pub Series Delight – Links to Standings

Well, not to procrastinate but the compiled standings from Doyle’s are just being posted before Pub Series stop No. 2 in Falmouth. There was a wedding…and then there was Boston…and then malaise…   So better late than never and never almost arrived. (But there was a coverage crew on hand, …

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NER Pub Series Women’s Standings After Race 1 of 6

Women’s Standings Following Doyle’s Emerald Necklace 5M on April 8. Open Women (Top 50 Score)   Amanda Watters                   50 Leslie O’Dell                          49 Holly Madden                       48 Samantha LeBlanc                47 Kristin Shaw                          46 …

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NER Pub Series Men’s Standings After 1 of 6 Races

Following the 22nd Annual Doyle’s Emerald Necklace 5M on April 8. Open Men (Top 50 Score) 1.     Mike Fisher                         50 2.     Alex Kramer                       49 3.     Shawn Wallace                   48 4.     TJ Unger                             47 5.     Scott Vandermolen         46 6.     Patrick Bugbee                   45 …

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Top Age-Groupers (40-80+) Ramble US 10K Champs 2013-2017

3rd 40+ all-time , last year’s Masters Champion Ginger Reiner (MA) Photo by FitzFoto/NERunner James Joyce Ramble 10k USATF Masters LDR Road Championships 2013-2017 Top 3 Times (Gun) FEMALE AGE GROUP:  40 to 44 AR=32:21 Deena Castor 1    35:15    Melody Fairchild        F40    Boulder CO        2014 2    37:11    Renee …

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