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New England road race news

Running USA’s 2014 US Marathon Report

U.S. Marathons Hit Another All-Time High With 550,637 Finishers; TCS New York City Marathon Continues to Hold Largest Marathon Title Gender split has remained consistent compared to previous years: 57% males (311,366 ‰ÛÓ all-time high) and 43% females (239,271 ‰ÛÓ all-time high) finishers. 48% of finishers were masters, 40 and older (264,305, …

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Eversource Hartford Marathon Awarded Gold Level Certification

‰ÛÜ Hartford Marathon Foundation Announces Event Rebrand  to Eversource Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon Eversource and HMF Continue Their Commitment to Grow Sustainability Platform and Continue Support for Community, Charities, Children and Healthy Lifestyles   May 14, 2015, Glastonbury ‰ÛÒThe Hartford Marathon Foundation and Eversource are proud to unveil the new look of the Eversource …

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Pub Series Fun in the Sun in Falmouth

(Publicans Candice Gagnon and Eileen Cakouris at Liam’s – photo by FitzFoto/NERunner)   Sorry for the delay in getting this out, but between a race Saturday evening (while many were at the Capt. Kidd in Wood’s Hole) and the double-fisted Liam’s/Birdville post and post-post gatherings and Sunday stay-over, plus the …

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NER Pub Series Men’s Standings After 3 of 6 Races

Following Race No. 3 of 6 , Liam Maguire’s Almost 5M   MEN OVERALL (Top 50 Score)   1. David Wilson                        150 2. Gregory Picklesimer             143 2. TJ Unger                               141 4. Lee Danforth                         138 5. Andrew Holmes                    125 6. Patrick Bugbee                      124 7. Kevin Delaney                      112 8. Brian Cronin                         107 …

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NER Pub Series Women’s Standings After 3 of 6 Races

Following Race No. 3 of 6, Liam Maguire‰Ûªs Almost 5M   WOMEN OVERALL (Top 50 Score)   1. Ginger Reiner                         149 2. Candice Gagnon                     144 3. Holly Madden                         135 4. Deb Downs                             125 5. Eileen Cakouros                      110 6. Elizabeth Utz                          100 6. Victoria Bok                           100 7. Elizabeth Whiting NH            95 …

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